Purchase Miles for Cheap Business Class Tickets – Part 1

Why pay USD15,000* for a return ticket to Europe? when you can redeem with just ~USD2,000. One of the more advanced strategies to score cheap tickets on the pointy end is to purchase frequent flyer miles and then redeem reward seats on business/first class cabin. As revenue tickets on premium cabins are often more than four times…

New Qantas A330 Business Class – Sydney to Perth

Qantas A330 business suite is simply impressive. I’ll not hesitate to fly with them again and in fact I will do so again in Jan 2017 from Perth to Melbourne as part of the same ticket. Alaska Mileage Plan is fantastic as it allows stopover for up to a year with no additional costs. In terms of the service, this experience had restored my faith in Qantas as their international arm is often a hit-and-miss.

Supercharge your Flybuys 20x

The relatively recent partnership between Flybuys and Etihad Guest Loyalty Program allows points transfer at a rate of 1 Flybuys = 0.4 Etihad Guest Miles. This effectively means that every dollar spent at Coles and their partners can go towards accruing points for future travels, though slowly but surely. Unlike the new Woolworth Rewards Program which limits a very selective range of products on the shelf that qualify for Woolworth Dollars that are transferable to the Qantas FF program

Love is in the air

My passion for flying and going places has led me on many epic adventures, spanning over 22 countries