Awesome Deal: Pay Economy, Fly Business with Oman Air to Europe


This is exciting. Remember my recent post about Qatar Airways Business Class from Sri Lanka to Boston for just ~USD 1,200 return? Here is another unreal deal, but with Oman Air this time round. There are some fascinating Business Class deals from Kuala Lumpur to Europe on offer. The cheapest city pair that I’ve found is Kuala Lumpur-Munich (via Muscat) for only ~USD1,000 return, which is how much you typically pay for an economy class ticket between Asia and Europe.

What you need to know about the deal (based on my phantom search):

  • Unsure when the deal will expire – so act fast!
  • Sale fares only available on Oman Air website
  • Origin: Kuala Lumpur
  • Destination: Europe (London, Milan, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt & Munich)
  • Fares to Munich is the cheapest, while other destinations cost ~USD200-300 more
  • Free stopover in Oman – (book ticket using multi-city search)
  • Open jaw possible – e.g. you can arrive in London and depart from Zurich, etc
  • Availability: From now till December this year
  • How about for travel next year? – It appears that only the first flight needs to be taken sometime this year. For example, you can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Muscat in October, then complete the rest of your trip from Muscat next year.
  • Cancellation fee – MYR300 (~USD70)


Oman Air European Destinations


Sample itinerary – with open-jaw + stopover

     MYR 4,452 (~USD 1,080) 

  • Kuala Lumpur to London (via Muscat)
  • Munich to Muscat
  • Muscat to Kuala Lumpur
Open-jaw itinerary


Oman Air

Oman Air is an excellent Middle-eastern boutique airline relatively unfamiliar to less-seasoned travellers, understandably, being overshadowed by the big three Gulf carriers. My recent experience with their domestic service in their 787 Dreamliner has intrigued me; and having heard some good reports about their premium product, I am eager to fly with them in the near future.

Though Oman Air is not part of an airline alliance, but it has a reciprocal earn/burn FF partnership with Etihad Airways, which means my growing Etihad Guest miles can potentially be used for Oman Air redemption, however the redemption rate is not especially spectacular. Etihad guest miles can probably be spent with other airlines such as Virgin Australia or ANA more effectively.

Oman Air Showcases Its Latest Airbus A330-300 And Boeing B737-900ER Aircraft
The new Apex Business Suite, Oman Air A330-300
Onboard Oman Air 787 from Salalah to Muscat



Originating from Malaysia

While this deal is perfect for those who are based in Malaysia, it is also a fantastic opportunity for those in Asia Pacific in general. Kuala Lumpur is very well-connected by many carriers and it is the hub for Asia’s largest low-cost airline Airasia & its long-haul affiliate Airasia X. As they offer deals as cheap as $200 one-way from Australia to KL, why not stopover in Malaysia en-route to your next European vacation?

Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers


Complimentary stopover in Oman

The sultanate of Oman is a beautiful nation of just ~4 million people (including a large proportion of expats). It is a hidden gem on the Arabian Peninsula. Gianna and I visited Oman briefly in January this year during our honeymoon. We were pleasantly surprised by its naturally spectacular  landscape and  friendly local Omanis. Mel our friend kindly showed us around Salalah (the southern capital), along with Ali our tour guide/driver/clown who constantly kept us in stitches. I almost lost it when he crossed-dressed as an Omani queen during our visit  to Taqah castle.

Taqah Castle
Mirbat Castle with our friend Mel
Ali the clown
Local frankincense market
Breathtaking view from the cliff
Idyllic fishing village at Mirbat


Earning Etihad Guest Miles

As Oman Air is partnered with Etihad Guest, this trip will earn you a healthy serve of Etihad Guest Miles for future complimentary trips. Taking the itinerary above as en example:

  • Total distance travelled 13,152 miles
  • Fare Class: Business restricted, Class R (150% of actual miles flown)
  • 13,152 miles x 1.5x = 19,728 miles
  • Reference: Etihad Guest Earning Table

Complimentary trips upon completion of the above trip:

  • Examples of what 19,728 miles can get you:
    • Virgin Australia: Sydney to Auckland one-way in business class (just 2k miles shy)
    • ANA: Bangkok to Tokyo one-way in economy class
    • Sri Lankan  Airlines: Singapore to Colombo in one-way in business class


Redemption tables for your reference:


I will be taking advantage of this deal. Will you?


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